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The most popular clowning resource site on the web
Here is a list of traditional circus words - fascinating and a great way to gain insight into the old touring shows and what life was like


Check out this amazing directory of UK entertainers of all kinds!


Shoq T. Clown
Games*Face Painting*Balloon Art*Easter Bunny

learndirect - circus performer
Short introduction to what it takes to work in circus in the UK

Qualifications : BTEC Nationals
Training to BTEC level in circus skills - techical data

Blackpool Circus School - Circus skills workshops
A wonderful site about a children circus school - beautiful site

PeoplePlay UK - Clowning
The UK site for history of circus and clowning - very detailed and beautifully researched

J.P. Patches
J.P.Patches is a contemporary American Clown - a lovely site with great graphics

PeoplePlay UK - Grimaldi the Clown
A fascinating one man show about the life of the original British clown - Joseph Grimaldi - Joey

Clowns International
The UK Clowns convention and lots of links and interesting articles

c i r c u s 2 i r a q
Extraordinary work of clowns in Iraq - newsletter and articles

A wonderful article on the benefits and technique of clowning on hospitals

Fool Sense
Clowning for adults - spiritual and personal development

Clown Coloring Pages, Color Posters and Flash Cards
Nice graphics and downloadable cartoon clown alphabet for younger children

Clowning Around: What Is A Clown
Simple definitions for younger children

Clowns in Community and World Service
Good introduction to Clown Doctoring

The World's Fastest Clown - America's #1 elementary school drug prevention pro
A good example of clowning in health education for kids

Clown Face Fun
Fun activities for kids about clowning and the art of clowning from one of the greatest traditional circus in the States - The Ringling Bros. Circus!

Clown Resource Directory
An extensive directory of clown resources, idea's and links for clowning in America

krumping is a new dance form that is extending and developing clowning - but it is also a major development in using clowning in its work with street kids and inner-city culture in America - has good links and basic definitions

The Big Apple Circus
The Big Apple Circus is one of the oldest and best new circus organisation in the world - clown doctors, community circus in America, training and the history of clowning and circus in America

Definitions, Synonyms
More detailed definitions, history of clowning and the art of clowning

International Clown Hall Of Fame
Good definitions of clowning and different types of clown

World Clown Association
A great site for information about circus clowning in America


OnStageRegister - The leading directory of performing artists

NASA - National Association of Street Artists - UK Directory

UK-Facepainting : The Directory of Face Painters

For Face Painting and Temporary Tatoos!


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